Provocative Interview on David Essel Alive!



Check out one of my best interviews yet – powerfully provocative, informative and inspirational!  YES, we talk about SEX!  Click on the promo below where the interview is archived:


Watch Me On “Politically Naughty”



If you missed my segment on my former sponsee & good friend Mary Carey’s show on TradioV, you can check it out anytime here!  I come in around 31 minutes.   They also run a clip of a scene from a TV pilot I starred in.  We’re chatting with DR Sophy of Celebrity Rehab, Sober House, DR Phil & DR Oz shows:

2011 Voice Awards

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Jamie attended the Voice Awards at Paramount Studios in Hollywood for the 3rd year in a row, sponsored by SAMHSA (Substance Abuse & Mental Health Administration) in DC, this program is close to her heart as it draws awareness to the mental illnesses brought on by substance & alcohol abuse, specifically those affecting Veterans. (Photos … Continue reading