Provocative Interview on David Essel Alive!



Check out one of my best interviews yet – powerfully provocative, informative and inspirational!  YES, we talk about SEX!  Click on the promo below where the interview is archived:


Annual Celeb/Media Volunteer Day at LA Foodbank!

Jamie has volunteered to package foods at this event hosted by AWM (Alliance for Women in Media) for three years in a row now.  Please support the foodbank, even though she’s not able to make it this year due to scheduling conflicts, it’s a great cause!  Jamie is in the bottom right photo from last year’s event, with Kyle Massey from Disney & Dancing with the Stars!

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Jamie Meets The GOVERNATOR

(Photo Copyright Fitzroy Barrett)

Jamie volunteered to assist the National Guard and Firefighters at their base camp at Hansen Dam outside of Los Angeles, when Arnold Schwarzenegger, then still the Governor, flew in to do a press conference.  Click the photo above for the story on!