POE Release Date May 8th, Sequel Underway

Our humble, sick little horror flick POE got distribution & will be released on DVD May 8th 2012!

The distro company has already commissioned a sequel, which is now in the works, with a starring role for Jamie McCall!

Oregon Logger

This is how we spend winter at cousin’s house in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge in the mountains just outside of Portland…so not in LA anymore.

Yes, she's using a chainsaw. Yes, you should be scared. ;)


A true dichotomy - a Princess & a Tomboy!


Annual Celeb/Media Volunteer Day at LA Foodbank!

Jamie has volunteered to package foods at this event hosted by AWM (Alliance for Women in Media) for three years in a row now.  Please support the foodbank, even though she’s not able to make it this year due to scheduling conflicts, it’s a great cause!  Jamie is in the bottom right photo from last year’s event, with Kyle Massey from Disney & Dancing with the Stars!

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2011 Voice Awards

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Jamie attended the Voice Awards at Paramount Studios in Hollywood for the 3rd year in a row, sponsored by SAMHSA (Substance Abuse & Mental Health Administration) in DC, this program is close to her heart as it draws awareness to the mental illnesses brought on by substance & alcohol abuse, specifically those affecting Veterans. (Photos … Continue reading